man learning about garage door safety

Guide to Garage Door Safety in California

It’s safe to say that homeowners love their garage doors. They provide security and convenience to the whole family. However, because the door is created from various moving parts, it can also be a safety hazard. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize this danger. Thus the following includes a guide to garage door safety that every homeowner should follow.

Children and Garage Door Safety

Perhaps the most at risk of being injured within this space are children. Children are extremely curious and will attempt to touch, push, or pull anything that looks remotely fun. Although most components are meant to be durable and won’t instantly break, there is one thing that can lead to other issues. When the garage door opener button is at arm’s reach, it can lead to having a child pushing the button and running out of the home. Always ensure that safety comes first rather than convenience.

Always Consult Your User’s Manual

There are a variety of basic safety precautions that everyone can take with their garage door, but that does not mean you should avoid reading your user’s manual. In your manual, you will learn to use one of the most important aspects of your door opener, the safety lever. The lever allows homeowners to switch the garage door to manual mode which is important if there is a blackout, and you need to get yourself out ASAP. If there is anything wrong with this part, then you should immediately seek a garage door repair Irvine company to ensure that it’s back in working condition.

Hacking Prevention

As technology innovations continue to come into the mainstream, they are likely to be used by not so good people. These thieves, aka hackers, seek to steal your garage door code in order to gain access to the rest of your home. The best way to prevent this from happening is to upgrade your door opener to a modern version that contains rolling-code technology. This technology provides you with the same convenience of being able to open the door at your command but without having to have the same code. That constant changing of the code makes it extremely difficult for hackers to gain access to your home.